Editorial Preface

  • Nurdin Nurdin Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Palu


We gratefully thank to all authors who have contributed to the first issue of International Journal of Contemporary Law and Society (IJCILS). In this first issue (Vol. 1 issues 1) of IJCILS offers seven articles covering topics of Islamic law and society. Various issues relating to Islamic contemporary law and society are presented interestingly to contribute to the body of knowledge and practices. Academia and practitioners in Islamic law and society area may gain insight from reading these articles.

IJCILS is dedicated by Postgraduate studies of Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palu for all academia across the globe. In next issue, we expect writer and researcher over the entire world within Islamic law and society studies can contribute to IJCILS. The journal is a free access journal and we do not charge any publication fees. We expect this journal can contribute to the development of practical and theoretical knowledge within Islamic law and society.

Finally, I hope the articles presented in this issue add further empirical evidence to the growing body of research that examines various fields from Islamic law perspectives.  The articles could trigger other research to study law and society with Islam perspectives in broader contexts across the globe. 


Nurdin Nurdin


IJCILS: International Journal of Islamic Contemporary Law and Society