Editorial Preface

  • Nurdin Nurdin Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Palu


International Journal of Contemporary Islamic law and Society volume 2 issue 1 offers six   articles covering topics of Islamic law studies. Various issues relating to Islamic family law are interestingly presented to contribute to the body of knowledge and practices. Academia and practitioners in Islamic law studies may gain insight from reading these articles.


The first article is titled The Role of Husband and Wife in Child Care From Islamic Law Perspectiveswritten by Minhar Minhar, Zainal Abidin, and Hilal Malarangan from Postgraduate studies Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palu. This paper discusses the role of husband and wife in child care from Islamic perspective. The second article is titled “Effectiveness of Marriage Services Through Information System Management (SIMKAH) at Palu City Religious Court” written by Imam Muslih, Nurdin Nurdin, and Marzuki Marzuki. The paper discusses the effectiveness of marriage services through Marriage Management Information System (SIMKAH) at Palu city religious court. The third article is titled “Analysis of the Case of Divorce and Its Settlement in the Religious Court of Palu City written by Rinalti Rinalti, Syahabuddin Syahabuddin, and Ermawati Ermawati. This paper discusses the cases of divorce and its settlement in the Religious Court of Palu. The fourth paper is tittled “ Analysis the Fulfilment of Physical and Psychological  Needs of Convicted Criminal From An Islamic Law Perspective” written by Syaifuddin Syaifuddin, Muhammad Akbar, and Mummad Syarif Hasyim. The paper discusses the implementation of conditional leave (CL) in fulfilling prisoners' physical and psychological need of  prisoners from Islamic law perspectives. The fifth article is titled “ The Effectiveness of Indonesia Supreme Court Regulation Number 1 Year 2016 Concerning Mediation of Marriage Disputes” written by Sukaenah Sukaenah, Rusli Rusli, M. Taufan B. This paper discusses the effectiveness of Indonesia Supreme Court Regulation No. 1 year 2016 concerning mediation  marital disputes in the Religious Court. The last paper is title “ The Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Principle of Simple Court Procedures, Fast and Low Cost in a Case of Divorce Lawsuit” written by Muhammad Haekal, Abidin Abidin, and Siti Musyahidah.  The purpose of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of the implementation of simple, fast and low-cost religious court procedures in the divorce case at the Religious Court, Palu.


I hope the articles presented in this issue add further empirical evidence to the growing body of research that examines various fields from Islam perspectives.  The articles could trigger other research to study other field of study with Islam perspectives Islamic institutions in Indonesia. 


Nurdin Nurdin


IJCILS:  International Journal of Islamic Contemporary law and Society

Volume II, Issue 1